Monday, February 20, 2012

Arcadia Lake

Arcadia Lake is just east of I-35 near Edmond. The multiple-use trail is approximately 8.5 miles one way from the Project Office to Spring Creek Park. The trail is single dirt track with added bridges and water crossings. During the rainy seasons some parts of the trail can be impassable.
I ran this course a few years back, and found it an easy run, pretty flat, and a bit sandy as it was during a dry season.

This map is far better than the one I had. Still, I never got lost.

This map is of the equestrian trailz, and I am not sure how runner-friendly they are.

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  1. This is a trail the OTRA crew runs frequently. The mileage to Spring Creek from the Project Office is 4.5 miles, so 9 miles round trip. You can cross the creek - no bridge - water level varies depending on rainfall. Spring Creek to Spring Creek Park is another 2 miles.
    Runners are not welcome on the equestrian trials.