Monday, February 20, 2012

Beech Creek

Beech Creek sounds like a adventure that could take up a whole weekend. There are 33+ miles of trailz there that are rarely used. At timers, they are hard to follow, because of downed trees and briers, but all of the trailz there are marked with white blazes, and if you can make the blazes out, you can get through.
Click here for a brochure.

There are four different trailz there: the Beech Creek Trail which is 6 miles one way, the Turkey Snout Loop--5 miles, the Walnut Mountain Loop--10 miles, and the Blue Bouncer Loop--10 miles. It would be difficult to do all of them in one day, as you would have to backtrack some, and go over some sections twice to cover all of the mileage. I'm game!!

Click here for some awesome maps, and pictures.

I am betting the ticks are bad here, so if I don't get there before mid-March, it'll be a November trip.

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