Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of my favoritye places for a quick midweek run is Lake Bixhoma.
Most people think I am saying Lake Texoma, but this small lake is southeast of Bixby, and seems like it is vacation-land, it's so scenic.
This satellite shot really doesn't do it justice either, so I'll share a few pix. I run here a lot. There is gravel and dirt roads that go around about 2/3 of the lake. I park usually by the bathrooms and run as far as the dirt or gravel road goes, and then come back and do the other side. Doing this gets about 3 miles +/-.
You can also run north up a HUGE hill and make a half mile out-and-back of hill work.

I bushwhacked my way all around the lake one time, thinking early on it'd be cool to make a trail all the way around it. A shredded pair or tights later, I scrapped that idea. My friend Mitch and I ran here from Bixby last December, and on the south side of the lake, someone had began bulldozing a trail around the south shore. They stopped after hitting a monstrous rock outcropping, and I do not know if they have went any further.

On the west side of the lake, there is a sign that points to the Ichabod Crane Trail. This faint trail goes straight up a good climb, and then fizzles. Again, it looks like someone had a great idea and it was a little too hard to complete. But even if these projects never get finished, this is still a good 3-4 miler.
And, it's a great place to watch a sunset.

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