Monday, February 13, 2012

Robber's Cave State Park

I have been to Robber's Cave several times as a kid, and twice as a trail runner. Both of those times were before I was a blogger. I do plan having a group trip here in the spring of 2012.
I have always done the loop clockwise, which requires a steep climb to get atop the mountain on the west side of the river. Once there, you'll run a few miles on pine needles underneath HUGE trees. It's a magical place. Near the end of the loop, you descend down to the cave area, and cover some very rocky terrain.
The return trip runs through the camp ground. The river and lakes invite a swim, but the water is always icy cold. (Good for tired feet?) I recommend the restaurant in the park area as well. I have heard of more trailz across the highway, but have not explored them yet.

This link has several GREAT pictures and more info.

Print this PDF trail map. Or if you forget, the park office usually has maps to give out.

Check out this a hiking website with a few pictures.

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