Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choctaw Nation Trail

The Choctaw Nation Trail is in the Ouachita area. It is a 43 mile multi-use trail that connects Holson Valley with the Kiamichi Valley, and coincides with the Boardstand and Old Military Road on the western portion. I have veered off on this trail by accident once while running the Boardstand Loop, and it was a pleasant diversion. What I encountered was well maintained and not super-technical. You'll run on a carpet of pine needles, and get your fair share of ups and downs.

Click here for a great series of maps.

The above website claims, "The INT is a multi-use trail open to hikers, horses, mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Consequently, the trail tends to be wide and because it uses some of the old logging roads, is regularly 2-track.the combination of the motorcycles and rain have filled the trail with angular cobbles making steep segments poor quality for hiking. The INT between Bohannon and Billy Creek goes through some nice areas and has some nice views, but this is definitely not the best hiking trail section in the Ouachitas." If I read right, it coincides with the Billy Creek Trail, and that trail usually is in great shape.

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