Saturday, February 18, 2012

Honor Heights Park

Honor Height Park in Muskogee has a couple of trails--short, but very scenic. Go during march-April, and you'll see the most beautiful azaleas on the planet. During December, Honor Height Park puts on a Christmas light show that will astound you. Honor Heights is home to three trails: Henry Bresser Nature Trail, the Audubon Trail, and the Stem Beach Trail.
String them all together (with a little asphalt running) and you can get a nice 3-miler in. Then run it in reverse--you needed six miles anyway!  I found no maps, but you should have no problem getting around in the park.
In August, my friend Joel Everett has a 5K and 10K there--the Waterloop Trail Run. You'll enjoy the trailz, and a wetdown in the park fountains. Sounds fun.

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