Thursday, June 21, 2012

A map/directory

I am sure this can be improved, but this is a start. If you click on the map, the picture will enlarge. Look for the numbers in the small squares on the map, and that number corresponds with the names of the trailz in the list on the left. Then, find the link to that trail from the trail list on the left of the home page, and click on it for a short write-up. With this, you can at least see what part of the state these trailz are on.

The grand idea, is to make each number a live link to each write-up. I need to get smarter to do that, so I'm outa here to eat some brain food.


  1. You might be able to use Google Maps and their marking API to drop pins on the appropriate coordinates, then you can link to details from that.

  2. Theirs no reservation or anything ?? Or can we just go their n camp? Please help

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